Discharging Student Loan Debt: My Journey on the Road to an Adversarial Proceeding

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If you heard you can’t bankrupt your Student Loan Debt, it is not entirely true. There is a process called an Adversarial Proceeding. It stems from bankruptcy court decisions of Pena and Brunner to satisfy a 3-prong test. A successful adversarial proceeding discharges those unbearable student loan debts. Many people qualify for this student loan debt relief especially when circumstances change or inadequate assistance is offered by the Department of Education. In this eBook, I advanced pro se — without an attorney — through the court system to a settlement. For more clarification, in case this is a process you’re considering, I’ve included an Adversarial Proceeding template and a couple of court opinions. These court opinions give additional insight on the court’s thought process for passing the 3-prong test relating to Pena and Brunner for a successful strategy in winning your Adversarial Proceeding court case. This is an insider’s journey through the court process I am sharing in the eBook.

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