Do It Yourself Degree: How To Earn Your Bachelor’s Degree In One Year Or Less, For Under $10,000 – Without Classes, Homework Or Student Loans

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Imagine earning your bachelor’s degree in one year or less, for under $10,000, by taking tests instead of classes. Now imagine that earning your degree in this manner, would make you stand out on the job market: positioning you as an employer’s dream hire. Finally, imagine learning how to do this from a trusted college expert, who earned his own degree this exact same way. America’s college system is broken. Seven in ten students owe an average of $30,000 before they ever walk off campus and 45% of them demonstrate no improvement in learning while on campus. Employers openly complain about graduates who cannot think critically, take responsibility or solve problems. You need to approach college in a radical new way to overcome these obstacles and this book shows you how, by revealing exactly how to earn your bachelor’s degree in one year or less by testing out of your classes. You can study from home — on your own schedule — and earn your credits for a tiny fraction of what ordinary students pay. If you want to earn your degree without paying a fortune or putting your life on hold, this book is the answer you have been searching for.

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