Fast Tracking the FAFSA The Missing How-To Book for Financial Aid: The 2013-14 Award Year Edition

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What is financial aid and how do I qualify and get in the running for the billions of dollars available for college education funding? The FAFSA is the way! “Fast Tracking the FAFSA” Is the missing how-to book that clearly helps you complete the FAFSA, either online or through the paper application. Recently awarded a 5 Star Rating (out of Five) by ForeWord Clarion Reviews, this invaluable tool is a must-read for anyone trying to cope with the rising cost of a college education. A lighthearted and easy-to-read guide, the author utilizes a lifetime of experience in an extraordinarily helpful way. Inspired by the author’s thirty-plus years of helping thousands of students and families navigate through the financial aid process, Fast Tracking the FAFSA helps students in completing the FAFSA and obtaining the money they need to make a college degree a reality. It’s like having a friend in the financial aid profession! Inside you’ll discover; • How to avoid making costly mistakes with easy step-by-step help for successfully completing the FAFSA on paper or on the web • How to make corrections after submitting the FAFSA • How to save for college using the 529 plan • How to find scholarships for free • What is a federal PIN and how to get one • How to explain and document your financial hardship or special circumstance to be considered for more financial aid • What happens after you submit your FAFSA • Money-saving tips to consider during your college attendance Fast Tracking the FAFSA is the only book students will need to obtain the financial aid money they qualify for to make their college education affordable. Buy this book and take the fear out of the FAFSA!Used Book in Good Condition

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