Fast Tracking the FAFSA The Missing How-To Book for Financial Aid: The 2013-14 Award Year Edition

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Have you tried completing the federal application for student financial aid (FAFSA) before and found it too difficult to complete? Are you having a hard time now? The word is that the FAFSA process has gotten easier over the years, now that it’s on the internet. That may not be saying much. In the financial aid office, I still see students and families struggle with these “improvements” every day. When I provide high school financial aid presentations to parents, they want guidance on every FAFSA question. “How do I address this”? “What’s the best answer for this question”? Buy this book and have me and my experience guide you through each and every question on the FAFSA, whether you do the FAFSA on the internet or by paper. Together, we can get through the financial aid application process.

College IS Affordable with Financial Aid
Have you considered not going to college or not sending your kids to college because there’s no apparent way you can afford it? The price tags of so-called “affordable public colleges” are beyond your means, even for one year, let along four, right? But, you CAN afford college with the use of student financial aid and this book to help you get it. Financial aid discounts the list price of any college, knocking the cost down to where you can afford it! The federal government alone provided billions of dollars to students across the country last year.

Did you know that financial hardships may result in financial aid?
Did you make a lot of money last year so you didn’t apply for financial aid ? But something happened this year that changed everything; Lost your job or 2nd job or took a lower paying position; separation or divorce cutting your family income; unforeseen medical expenses; new baby and new expenses like child care costs? Apply for financial aid and use this book as your guide. Your college financial aid office can toss out last year’s high income information and make you eligible on this year’s information. In my thirty-plus years in the financial aid profession, as a financial aid advisor, I’ve helped many families who earned high incomes in past years but are currently struggling financially. I may not be able to address all their personal concerns, but I can help address their concerns for college costs!

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