5 Things Counselors Should Know about Scholar Snapp

5 Things Counselors Should Know about Scholar Snapp

When talking to students about student financial assistance, it is very important for the counselors to discuss and share information about the Scholar Snapp pilot program. As part of the program, students are able to receive outside scholarship information from Scholar Snapp Solution (S.S), a Michael & Susan Dell Foundation service. The purpose of the service, in a nutshell, is to increase access to college scholarship funds. As is stated on their website, “The  solution will help you complete applications faster by pre-populating basic information requested in all scholarship applications and will help you find money for college by matching your data with the qualifications of various scholarship providers.” In other words, this solution provides users with the tools and resources needed to both find scholarships and make it easier to apply for them – Great ! ..Isn’t it ?. So, no discussion about student financial aid will be complete without discussing this service in detail.
Here are 5 things you should know as you work with your students.

What is Scholar Snapp Solution?

It  allows students apply for a scholarship online and then automatically re-use that information for other scholarship applications without retyping their data again and again. Once a student enters data for the first time, a scholarship application will allow a student to download their basic data and then upload it again to another application.

Is this Service connected with the Common App?

Common App students can opt-in to receive information directly from Scholar Snapp by completing a question within the Profile section of the application. Students will then receive a message from Scholar Snapp that directs them to the Scholar Snapp website.  There, they will be able to

  1. Manage their Scholar Snapp profile,
  2. Search for available scholarship opportunities (unrelated to the student’s college application in Common App), and
  3. Use their information to more quickly apply to those scholarship applications leveraging their data standard.

Can students opt-in after they have submitted a Common App?

Yes. We will alert Scholar Snapp to a student’s opt-in selection upon the student’s first application submission after the student responds to the opt in question. If students are done with their Common App submissions, they can go to directly to the Scholar Snapp website to create a S.S. Profile.

What are the types of scholarships available?

From the Scholar Snapp website, students can choose to complete and submit their unique profile information to multiple scholarship award programs and learn more about how they can speed up their scholarship application process. These scholarship award programs (i.e. Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, Dell Scholars Program, The Boettcher Foundation, The Daniels Fund, etc.) may or may not have a relationship with the colleges and universities with which students are applying to within the Common App.

Will students also receive merit-based scholarship information from colleges?

Scholar Snapp is not connected to college-specific scholarships. The information students receive from Scholar Snapp is regarding only non-college affiliated scholarship awards. Although colleges and universities may choose to receive the opt-in data, they will determine how to share information about their college-specific scholarships with applicants.

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