Forgiveness for Your Student Loans, Part II: The Information You Need to Avoid Default!

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This booklet will serve as an insightful and informative guide on how to avoid student loan default. It has the information that you need to consider all of your repayment or deferment options. After reading it, you will know how to communicate about student loans including the who, how, when, where and why of doing so. You will feel empowered, rather than stressed about your student loans because you will understand the definition of and the importance of due diligence, regarding them. This book was written to ensure that those individuals who read it, will have the necessary knowledge to feel empowered when handling and managing the investment, namely student loans, that you found necessary to acquire in order to experience higher education. Over a trillion dollars has been accumulated in debt for student loans in the United States. If you are one of the many individuals that have this debt, why not take charge of it so that you are in control of handling it in a stress free way, because you know exactly what you are doing? This booklet will provide you with that insight and more in a clear, succinct and specific way without wasting your time and money with information that is not of use to you and that is all in one place and quickly and readily accessible to you. It will enable you to speak/write, to the entities that service your student loans, from a knowledgeable vantage point because you have the necessary detail to do so. Everyone who has a student loan or intends to have one, needs to read this little booklet and have it handy as your personal guide to managing your student loans. It contains the information you need to avoid default!

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