Let Me Help You Complete the FAFSA: A helpful guideline when completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid by someone who actually likes financial aid. (Completing the FAFSA Book 1)

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In my professional experience, I have come across many parents and students who have trouble understanding the questions on the FAFSA. My e-book breaks down every single question of the FAFSA in a basic guide. By understanding what is being asked, parents and students might encounter less stress and anxiety when completing the lengthy questionnaire. “Let Me Help You Complete the FAFSA,” takes a complex federal aid requirement and turns it into a manageable guide to financial aid. This e-book outlines each question by explaining what the question means and how you might answer that question on a case by case basis. Readers will simply look at the guideline, locate their question that needs more clarification, and answer based on the new understanding. Because I am a professional in financial counseling, I am will to also be a personal resource and consultant after the purchase of my e-book.

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