Made Plain: A simple guide to repaying your student loans

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You just got your bill for your student loans and its several hundred dollars more than you can afford. Do you know what to do when you get that bill? If you said, “ignore it”, you need Made Plain: A simple guide to repaying your student loans. Seeing that large student loan bill every month can be defeating; especially, when you get that bill and you don’t know how to lower it or temporarily or permanently stop it. Made Plain shows you how to do those things for both your federal and private student loans. And if you’ve ignored your loans for so long that your lender is garnishing your wages, or has taken your refund, or is suing you, Made Plain offers you simple, step by step instructions for dealing with those collection attempts. As a bonus, Made Plain shows you how your student loans affect your credit score and shares tips on developing your budget and repaying debt. And it does all of that in a simple, straight forward manner.

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