Selective College Admissions: A Guide to Help Students Get Admitted to Top Colleges

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You want to give your child the best chance

at getting into a top college, but there are so

many aspects to the admission process that it can

be challenging to know where to begin. It’s more

than that too: admission rates to the top colleges

have dropped dramatically in recent years. How

do you support your child in cultivating the competitive edge to stand out from the pack?

“Selective College Admissions” clearly explains the admissions process at top colleges today, from high school courses and extracurricular activities to application essays and interviews. It also provides a wealth of information on the top 100 colleges themselves, serving as a one-stop reference for vital details and statistics about these schools.

The result? Students (and their parents) will be

able to move through the application process with

more confidence and maximize their chances of

attending the school of their dreams.

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