The Student Loan Default Survival HandBook: Everything You Don’t Understand About Student Loan Default, Student Loan Rehabilitation & Wage Garnishment That’s Costing You!

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If you are facing or currently in student loan default although it is important that you take action, it is also important that you be extremely cautious. The student loan default servicing process operates in a complex web of conditions and consequences where several parties profit from your misfortune. As a matter of fact, if you are looking for direction, the help that you find in most cases will not be clear, concise or easily understood. What’s more, the collection agency that should be responsible for helping you through rehabilitation will do just the opposite, and will not provide any information that will potentially lose the agency money. The unfortunate truth is student loan collection agencies are not apart of the Department of Education. This type of agency is a privately held profit driven operation that only make money if borrowers are paying to remove themselves from default. Simply put… the more expensive and/or longer the rehabilitation process takes, the more money the agency stands to generate. As you might imagine under such conditions it is not in the agency’s best interest for anyone to successfully remove themselves from default in a cost or time effective way. Considering this information it should not be difficult for you to realize why the following areas are so important for you to understand before you get help.

-You should know how the rehabilitation process SHOULD work from start to finish.

-You understand all the safeguards put in place to ensure that you successfully complete the process on reasonable terms

-You should understand how to avoid the most mistakes that will move you in a wage garnishment status

-You should know if you qualify for a default consolidation which would remove you from default in weeks rather than months

-You know how to get rehabilitation payment that fits your financial situation or circumstance.

-You should understand the techniques used by student loan debt collectors that will bullied you into payments that you cannot handle.

-You should understand the methods used to manipulate borrowers into unreasonable and unfair terms

The Student Loan Default Survival HandBook will explain each of these areas in immense detail, as well as provide much more important information you must understand. This short, straightforward, and easy to understand content will give you the proper knowledge needed to avoid the many scams that one can face when attempting to reestablish a good standing.

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