Want To Crush Your Goals Next Year? Here Are 12 Questions To Ask Your Boss In 2018

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In the best high-performance organizations, leadership and transparent communication goes both ways — down and up.

According to 2017 Gallop research, globally 67% of the workforce is disengaged in their jobs. These individuals are difficult to spot because they generally are relatively happy but do the bare minimum and aren’t usually sure what it is they are supposed to focus on or how their performance is measured.

Only 15% of the workforce can be defined as engaged, meaning they are emotionally connected to their work, understand how their work drives mission success, have a go-above-and-beyond attitude and have a very clear understanding of their performance metrics and expectations.

This leaves 18% that are actively disengaged — they are actively or passively working against the organization and creating a toxic environment. And therefor need to go.

The highest-rated organizations on sites like Glassdoor and Indeed score very well when it comes to culture-management and the prioritization of employee engagement.


In large part because they have cultures that support leading up the chain of command and upward transparency in communication. And most well-run companies are going to have big goals for next year – which means change is coming. And that means engagement from everyone is critical.

If you want to crush your professional goals in 2018 and be that star player all managers hope for, ask these questions — once a month, in this order!

And you managers out there, listen up! Because unless you’re the Chairman and CEO, you most likely have a boss too.

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